About us

The Lawyer Jasmin Hašarić established the law Office Hašarić seated in Sarajevo.

The Law Office Hašarić provides a wide range of services profoundly crucial for protecting clients' business interests in the area of the rights of foreigners and commercial law. We provide precise and integrated legal services to domestic and international clients. Our focus is on encountering challenges and efficiency in our actions. We glory the success, enjoy our work, and maintain professional integrity. It's our values we cherish making possible the best solutions for our clients.

Law is science - and only if serving humanity does science make sense.

The law is in our service every day and every moment, but you do not need to notice it. You are noticing the operating law around you since, in the background of that science, are hardworking scientists upgrading it. In special situations, as good craftsmen or scientists usually do, they will engage in the mission of protecting your interests.

Our office lawyers have been engaging in such missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2013. We represent our clients professionally and transparently, but we consider ourselves experts in supporting foreign investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides experienced lawyers, our office engages public relations and linguistic experts, making us capable of struggling the crises and providing needed support.




We make all our clients satisfied. We need to learn how to lose.


We never forget that dealing with our clients.
Having this slogan in our mind, “the client is in the middle of our world", we make immense efforts, work, and enthusiasm to provide flawless legal service. We specialize in providing services in the field of commercial law, foreign law, as well as all sorts of civil proceedings. We are open and frank, so be sure your issue will be addressed from various aspects, and we will point out all relevant facts crucial to your case.

We reach the best solutions for you with ease.

The Law Office Hašarić’s mission is to provide the best legal services possible with complete integrity, respect, and follow the standards of our profession. All of our clients will get our full and sincere attention. We tend to fulfill expectations in every case we are entrusted to.