Rights of foreigners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jasmin Hašarić as a lawyer provides services to foreign citizens and companies from around the world dealing with all kinds of legal issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina - including immigration, issuing residence and work permits, buying real-estates, resolving personal statuses, establishing companies and resolving disputes and execution of foreign court rulings.

This law office working as a team with reliable associates is one of few in Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing with matters related to foreigners. Foreigners staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina are encountering various challenges and dilemmas in their quest for the best legal framework for designing statutory matters for themselves, their family members, employees, etc.

Our law office addresses all matters related to foreigners starting their entry to the country, regulating their legal status up to issuing temporary residence permits and, if necessary, getting work permits.

Our standard services include the following:

The lawyer assists foreign individuals and legal entities in issues with an international element and cross-border disputes, such as requests for compensation for damages and enforcement of foreign court decisions.