Rights of foreigners for real estates in Bosnia and Herzegovina

You liked Bosnia and Herzegovina so much that you decided to move here, or do you simply think that buying real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a good investment?

The lawyer will explain the easiest way to get yourself real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The real estate market in Bosnia and Herzegovina is on a constant rise, and recent years show the construction industry in our country is very active. While citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can buy real estate in this country without meeting special conditions, buying an apartment or house in Bosnia and Herzegovina for foreigners has certain restrictions.

The real estate market in Bosnia and Herzegovina is gaining popularity. If this is the focus of your interest, you are in the right spot. A foreign natural person can acquire real estate ownership in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the condition of a mutual agreement between the two countries. To put it simply, in case a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina is allowed to buy and own real estate in your country, that means that you will also be able to buy and, under the same condition, own a property in this country.

However, foreign citizens who, as natural persons, cannot become real estate owners can establish a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By establishing a company, they become a domestic legal entity and thereby acquire the right to purchase real estate, which they register with their company.